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  • Overhead Transmission Inspection and Assessment Guidelines
  • Transmission Line Reference Book: 115-345 kV Compact Line Design
  • Transmission Line Reference Book: Wind-Induced Conductor Motion
  • AC Transmission Line Reference Book-200 kV and Above, Third Edition
  • Underground Distribution Systems Reference Book
  • Underground Transmission Systems Reference Book
  • Guide for Transmission Line Grounding7
  • Live Working Reference Book
  • Field Guide: Visual Inspection of Wood Structures
  • Field Guide: Visual Inspection of Polymer Insulators
  • Field Guide: Visual Inspection of Porcelain and Glass Disc Insulators
  • Field Guide: Visual Inspection of Steel Structures
  • Field Guide: Inspection of Transmission Line Grounding Systems
  • Field Guide: Daytime Discharge Inspection of Transmission and Distribution Overhead Lines and Substations
  • Field Guide: Transmission Line Aerial Marking and Lighting
  • Utility Vegetation Management: Use of Reliability Centered Maintenance Concepts to Improve Performance
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects of Current Underground and Overhead Transmission Line Construction and Maintenance in the United States


  • Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energized Power Lines 515-2009
  • Standard Definitions of Terms Relating to Corona and Field Effects of Overhead Power Lines 539-2005
  • Guide for Inspection of Overhead Transmission Line Construction 1441-2004
  • Guide to the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors 524-2003
  • Guide to Installation of Foundations for Transmission Line Structures 977-1991
  • Guide to the Assembly and Erection of Metal Transmission Structures 951-1996
  • Guide for Cleaning Insulators 957-2005

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