Ground Patrol


Jeep in the desert

  • Inspection of overall condition of structure (Primary Benefit)
  • Potential to assess the presence and severity of structure component wear and remaining strength
  • Inspection of exposed portions of foundations, guys, and anchors
  • Evaluation of loose hardware
  • Sounding and boring of wood poles near the ground
  • Assessment of line encroachment or vegetation clearing concerns
  • Evaluation of tracking and insulator damage using UV inspection (Powerline Patrol Services)
  • Assessment of conductor clearances
  • IR evaluation of conductors, splices and jumper hot-spots (Powerline Patrol Services)
  • Basic evaluation of the integrity of connections in wooden components


Utility Vehicle Tahoe

  • Relatively time-consuming patrol (Primary Loss)
  • Difficult to identify the presence and/or extent of several types of insulator degradation without UV inspection (Powerline Patrol Services)
  • Difficult to identify the presence and/or extent of decay, corrosion, and/or wear at upper elevations of structures
  • Inability to identify above ground internal problems in wood poles
  • Inability to reliably identify bonding problems without UV inspection (Powerline Patrol Services)
  • Poor structure access by ROW discourages close or multiple- angle viewing

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