Your Maintenance Philosophy

Corrective Maintenance

Also known as the run-to-failure strategy, corrective maintenance involves no maintenance of equipment until it fails. Once a component fails, it is replaced with a new or repaired component. This strategy can be disastrous in terms of reliability

Time-Based Preventive Maintenance

Unlike corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance is done on equipment before a failure occurs, thus improving its condition and increasing the time before its next failure. In time-based preventive maintenance, a fixed time period is associated with each piece of equipment, after which it is replaced or maintained

Condition-Based Preventive Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance uses information from equipment inspection and monitoring to estimate the condition of the equipment and schedule maintenance. The method does not, however, consider the effects of component failure or quantify the benefits of preventing failures. Decisions are made solely based on equipment condition, not its relative importance.

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) is a preventive strategy that is being used increasingly by utilities. In this method, condition-based measurements are used to determine the various components that require maintenance. Maintenance projects are then ranked according to their effect on improving system reliability indicators.

Risk-Based Preventive Maintenance

Risk-based preventive maintenance methods further advance RCM. Failure probabilities estimated by condition monitoring methods, along with the failure effects quantified by RCM methods, are used to determine the risk associated with failure of a particular piece of equipment. This risk is combined with the financial and human resource requirements to prioritize maintenance projects in order to maximize risk reduction. To include all maintenance activities, both failure models and inspection methods are needed for each component under consideration. This method is highly data-intensive and requires detailed information about the equipment’s condition obtained from inspection, monitoring, and maintenance records

Where does your company fit?

Where does your company fit?

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